The Ottawa Valley Doulas Association accepts membership applications from birth and postpartum doulas who have taken either in-person and/or online training from a recognized doula training organization. 

Membership applications are accepted on a rolling basis and must be renewed annually.

A membership fee of $30 per year is collected to support professional development programming, advocacy efforts and other membership activities.

Members can look forward to these benefits of membership in 2021:

  • Responsive communication from the executive team to members.
  • The executive team will continue to foster and build relationships with local hospitals, birth centers and care providers.
  • Promotion of doulas to our community, including an increased OVDA social media presence.
  • Access to continuing education through regularly scheduled information sessions with local perinatal service providers and fellow OVDA members with specialized expertise, as well as free and/or subsidized  workshops with trainers from across Canada and beyond.
  • Ability to attend Grand Rounds at the Ottawa Hospital
  • Access to OVDA quarterly meetings to be a voice in shaping the present and future plans for the association as well as connect with other members.
  • Promotion of their own businesses via the OVDA website, which is being redesigned to include a picture and short bio for each member.  
  • Networking with a community of other local doulas.
  • A complimentary OVDA-branded lanyard (e.g. to use with AOD badges to maintain local awareness of OVDA).

Recognized training organizations include:

  • Birthing from Within
  • Bebo Mia
  • Childbirth International
  • DONA
  • Doula Training Canada
  • Motherwit
  • ProDoula
  • Trimesters

(Please contact us for further information if you have completed training with an organization that does not appear on this list.)

OVDA members are also required to:

Application process:

  1. Please complete the online application form. Note that you will be asked to upload the following documents in order to complete this form:
    1. Headshot for use on the Ottawa Valley Doulas Association website (optional);
    2. Proof of completion of birth and/or postpartum doula training and/or certification, as appropriate (e.g. scanned PDF copy or photo of your certificate);
    3. Proof of completion of a recognized Infection Prevention and Control training course within the past 12 months. For example:
      • Public Health Ontario’s IPAC Online Learning Course (Only the following modules are required for OVDA membership: 1) Chain of Transmission and Risk Assessment; 2) Core: Additional Precautions; 3) Core: Control of the Environment; and 4) Personal Risk Assessment Community Home); or
      • Another comparable IPAC course, such as one designed for birth workers (please contact us to confirm eligibility).
    4. Signed copy of the OVDA Standards of Practice; and
    5. Signed copy of the OVDA Code of Ethics.
  1. Your application will be reviewed by the OVDA’s Membership Coordinator.
  1. Once approved, you will be contacted via email with instructions for submitting payment of your annual membership fee.

* Smartphones can be used to scan documents. Check these instructions for iPhone users and try the Tiny Scanner app for Android users.

Please contact Norah Lynn Paddock, OVDA’s Membership Coordinator, with any questions or concerns about the membership application process.